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Your logo is likely the first branded element your potential customers will see, so it’s a vital piece in how your company will be perceived and ultimately remembered in mere seconds and for the months ahead. An effective logo should immediately grab viewers’ attention; make a strong first impression; be the foundation of your brand’s identity; be memorable; be customized; separate you from the competition; and foster brand loyalty. Logo’s act as a symbol that represents your entire brand’s values and what it stands for in an instant, so it better be a good one.


As an experienced, award-winning freelance graphic designer and logo designer in Calgary, I know what it takes to portray you as a professional and reputable business, and these qualities should radiate from your logo. I specialize in small and start-up businesses who need a logo that speaks to their amazing business image.


In my affordable logo design services, I will research your industry, your competitors, and your target customers. I will work with you to help create a custom logo that is valuable, unique, simple, versatile,  and memorable, just for you, to help elevate your business.

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