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Print Media 

Print media is still a very effective and widely used communication piece, because it is a tangible, memorable and doesn’t disappear with a simple click.


Printed media is often considered much less invasive, improving the recall of an intended explicit message, by virtue of our brains being able to process it faster and easier. Let a print media graphic designer help you with collateral, advertisements and display design that embodies your brand.

Brochure Design

A brochure, magazine ad, poster, or other form of collateral print, is a focused and relaxed form of marketing. The consumer can read the content when they choose, and without being assaulted by annoying irrelevant ads or other distracting elements on the page. Digital media environments can be too much to digest when the intention is to communicate one clear message. Print does that! It communicates one message, in one form, with one brand. Leave the collateral design work to a professional print media designer or brochure designer, such as Colin Roeke Graphic Design, and leave the effective and lasting good impression on paper that impresses.

Magazine Advertisement Design

As a magazine ad graphic designer, I know that the printed ads I design are going to be there for a while, and once published, there is no going back. I consider this, and treat it like it is “written in stone”, so to speak. Steps need to be taken to ensure all content is always perfect, as well as on brand, on time and on budget.

Your printed materials are items that can stay in windows as signs, in a waiting room, or stationery on office desks, for instance, for weeks and months, thus providing excellent value for money when compared to other media, which have more of a single use, making them less cost effective so it better right and it better be on target.


As a print media designer, I know, effectively created printed materials can have a great impact on potential customer’s decisions, therefore, it’s vital to incorporate print within your multichannel strategy. It has the highest engagement, highest recall and highest ROI.

Trade Show Graphic Design

I can design your large format printing as a banner, right up to a full exhibit booth for your conferences and trade show events.


Your display must embody your brand in a way that attracts and engages customers, showcase solutions, and help you conduct business on site. Your display needs to quickly attract potential customers, amongst all the other displays, or they will just keep walking by.


I will work with you to help display your service, and or products through your branded elements they way you envisioned and need to convert customers. Working with large format and exhibition print providers, an effective and skilled trade show graphic designer can help showcase you as the amazing and professional business that you are.

Please feel free to contact me in the form below and allow me to start getting you noticed faster. 

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