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Graphic Design Services

Print and Marketing Materials

Colin Roeke Graphic Design creates stunning and cohesive custom graphic design elements in visually appealing layouts combining symbols, images and text forming visual representations of ideas and messages that greatly enhance your company's image, better know as, your brand. Showcasing your company brand with professional marketing materials and collateral like brochures, flyers, and pamphlets, as well as digital collateral such, as social media advertisements, on-line magazine advertisements, and PowerPoint slide presentations, can greatly drive sales and convert customers. Investing in cohesive and attractive stationary such as letterhead, business cards and envelopes also strengthens your brand, attracting new clients.  more

Logo Design

Having an effective logo is one of the first branded elements your potential customers will see, so it’s a vital piece in how your company is perceived and ultimately remembered - this is your corporate identity. In most cases, when people think of a brand, they think of its logo first and foremost. That’s because a logo acts as the symbol that communicates your entire brand’s values/image and what it stands for in an instant. 

A logo mark can also add to your brand by supplementing your logo as a nice and quick representation of your company, as in a favicon (little image in the tabs on browsers).

Let me create a logo that is unique, simple, versatile and memorable, just for you. more

Data Visualization and Infographics

Using effective pictures and text is the best way to tell your business story, displaying data or to give a quick message. Custom icons for quick recognition enhances your message and beautifies the design. Display your data pictorially, so you can quickly captivate viewers on your trade show exhibit, PowerPoint presentation, annual report or maybe your landing page. Infographics can give a lot of information quickly and be an attractive way to tell your business story. Let the pictures do the talking. Great graphic designers are masters of visual communication, conveying complex concepts with a single palpable picture. Infographics are an effective way to communicate your business story, or technology process. Infographics primarily rely on images, so there are less language barriers. An effective image has a higher chance of evoking an emotional response in a person than a set of words.

Exhibit Design

Allow Colin Roeke Graphic Design to create your large format marketing venture for your next event or trade show booth. These displays need to grab attention quickly, as viewers pass by; or draw them in closer to see your detailed brochures, and where sales reps can easily engage with them. So they must be relative, attractive and convey your message quick. This is a tall order and is seldom achieved without professional help. more

Brand Design

Having a good logo and pretty brochures are great, but having a cohesive and consistent brand is the glue that holds it all together. Branded colours, fonts, graphic elements, and even language, are all essential when developing a brand strategy that relates with your customers to build trust and loyalty on a personal level. It will also get you connecting with your preferred target market. Let's work together and start building the clientele you need to stay at the top of the game and a step ahead of your competitors. more

Photography, Photo Enhancement and Manipulation, and Video

In today's world you can't believe what you see when looking at a photo, but it is a great way to depict your imagination and express it. I can take the photos needed to create and composite whatever your dreams desire and for whatever purpose you desire. I am also skilled at photo enhancement and restoration. I love the challenge of beautifying something that once was beautiful or just in need of some touch ups. 


Do you have a great idea that needs to be illustrated with artistic flare? Whether it's a technical process, schematic, medical, scientific, 3D, or 2D drawing you need, I have you covered. Being an illustration graphic designer I have the artistic skills and experience to create professional illustrations for your presentations or publications, supplementing and strengthening the impact of your vision or concept. Commission your unique illustration with best illustrator in Calgary, today!

** These are only a handfull of ways I can help with your visual communication. Please contact me to discuss how I can help with your unique graphic design needs and see how I can start getting you noticed faster.

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