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Brand Design

Is your brand struggling to connect with your target customer? Maybe your current business branding elements aren't professionally cohesive?
Is your brand portraying you as the amazing company that you are? Maybe you don't have a brand at all? These questions may elicit the services of a brand designer for your small business. Having a strong brand will help elevate your great business by generating new customers, as well as retain your current ones.


Specializing in corporate brand design for small businesses, I can help plan the big escape from 'out of the box' your business might be in. With your help, I can help give your business a unique visual identity that fits into the brand you envision, and need, to succeed in your industry space, and ahead of your competitors.


Branding is expressed in your logos, colours, fonts, graphics, design style, slogans and even the language style in your copy. To look professional and confident your brand elements need to be presented in a consistent and a unique style, so your audience knows it’s from your family of content. This is the glue that holds it all together, this is your brand.


Your brand represents your company when you are not there.It lives on your website, stationery, signage, brochures, social media… the list goes on. It will communicate to your audience your business’s mission, expectations, how you are different, your business’s personality etc.It speaks to “who” the business is, just like you know “who” a person is that you know.


Brands, when effectively crafted, elicit a targeted emotional response, fitting to your target audience and your business’s intentions. This is the strategy outcome that is essentially needed to sell more of what you sell- people buy brands.

Web Design


Of all your media channels, your website can be the most comprehensive blanket of all your branding elements that are in one channel. As a web graphic designer, I can also help bring it all home with the consistent and professional feel needed for a successful brand.


Businesses need to refresh their brands from time-to-time. To help with this, I will research what has worked and what the missing elements are, in your brand’s industry landscape. Sometimes, it’s just a logo refresh, sometimes a web redesign, and sometimes it is redeveloping a whole brand identity. I can help strengthen and reposition your brand so it is more recognizable and consistent through all your channels and ultimately, elevate your business’s sales.

Stationery Design


As a stationery graphic designer, I can take your branded elements and creatively apply them to all your documents, such as annual reports, business cards, and envelopes.


I will learn about your business, your customers, and your goals, so I can design brand visuals for your business that attract, but more importantly, convey the message that gets the job done for you.

Please feel free to contact me in the form below and allow me to start getting you noticed faster. 


Thanks for viewing!

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